Water-Based Coatings Can Provide Heat-Sealable Performance

In response to client needs, market trends, and the push for more sustainable packaging, Cascades Sonoco has developed an innovative suite of water-based coatings. Several of the coatings have the properties of heat-seal ability without the presence of thermoplastics like polyethylene. Now, single-use markets like food service and heat-and-eat can select a recyclable, repulpable, and compostable container that offers a total replacement for plastic laminates.

The Cascades Sonoco line of water-based coatings are PFAS free. Our unique technologies offer adhesive performance and individualized features at a competitive cost compared to the more difficult-to-recycle counterparts.

Heat-Sealable Barrier Coating

Our unique chemistry mimics the heat-sealable properties of thermoplastics. This allows clients to use their existing manufacturing process with our new sustainable barrier coatings. When using our water-based technology, you may find that significantly less energy is required to manufacture the finished product.

Our sustainable coatings yield equivalent adhesion without the presence of thermoplastics, wax, or glue.

Customizable Properties

A key to creating sustainable products is identifying wasteful elements and eliminating excess. Our water-based coatings go beyond simply replacing plastics. We offer added precision, working with you to achieve your ideal performance and manufacturing specifications. 

Plastic coatings are typically a one-size-fits-all solution, providing grease or water resistance for applications that may not require the extent of those features. Our client-first approach allows us to tailor the solution to the individual. We can select desirable properties while eliminating ones that aren’t needed.

We’re Moving Forward

We are a full-service company committed to developing successful commercial products. We can perfect the process because we direct the process: from the chemistry to the application to your exact manufacturing needs. 

If you share our passion for sustainability, learn more and consider partnering with us today.