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For more than 30 years, customers have relied on Cascades Sonoco for sustainable, durable, and innovative packaging solutions.

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From roll packaging to coatings and films, our products are supported by the strength and resources of two companies working seamlessly as one. Together, we have developed some of the most innovative and significant solutions on the market—solutions that aren't simply better for our clients, but are better for the planet, too.

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Coatings & Laminations

In addition to resin- and water-based coatings, our SurfSHIELD® line includes specialty films and foil laminations. Though we do not resell our coatings as standalone products, the innovative solutions offer advanced protective properties to your products during shipping and storage, which is why they've become so popular across so many markets.

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Compostable. Recyclable. Repulpable.

FlexSHIELD® is the first fully compostable product that provides polyethylene-like protection at an economical price point. The water-based treatment is designed for use in folding carton applications where scoring and folding often present major challenges. Products treated with FlexSHIELD are FDA-, CFIA- and EUR-compliant for direct food contact.

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Roll Packaging

Cascades Sonoco is the industry leader in roll packaging solutions. And our Dry-Tech™ innovation is a big reason why. Its moisture barrier system protects products and ensures customer satisfaction throughout the paper, printing, and converting supply chain.

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Our coatings, laminations, films, and roll packaging are available as complete solutions—we do not sell them individually for customers to apply themselves.

We work directly with our customers to find customized solutions that best fit their products’ needs. Call or complete the form to find out what we can do for you.