About Us

We understand packaging challenges because we operate in this industry too. Our team works directly with customers to find unique solutions and meet their distinct goals.

Decades of Packaging Protection

For more than 30 years, many of the world’s largest companies have relied on Cascades Sonoco for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. We have a successful track record of solving their challenges—and the client retention to prove it.

And because we invest so heavily in research and development, you can be sure that we’ll be ready to meet the challenges of the future, as well.

From protecting paper rolls from damage sustained in transit to providing a fully recyclable and repulpable alternative to polyethylene and wax coatings, we offer a full range of options for functional and barrier coating and lamination.

Cascades Sonoco’s extensive range of laminates and coatings allow for virtually limitless customization. Combinations of multiple functional barrier platforms enable customers to tailor orders to meet complex and extreme conditions:

  • Significant changes in temperature or environment
  • Global transportation
  • Varying country regulations

We are dedicated to creating solutions that perform better than the alternatives with eco-friendly properties built into the core. See more about our sustainability commitments

See our latest certifications, innovations, and opinions.

Serving Your Market

Experts in High-Performance Paper Solutions

• Meat & Seafood—easy release for fish and poultry
• Bakery Release—technology for bake-in packaging
• Dry Goods—protection for detergents, powders, and pet food
• Fruits & Vegetables—freshness in high-humidity environments
• Material Handling—increased friction for slip sheets and chipboard
• Personal Care—protection for delicate cosmetics and cleansers
• Glassware—anti-abrasive and scratch-resistant solutions
• Food Service—water and grease-resistant, FDA compliant

Industry Associations

Cascades Sonoco is a member of numerous associations, including both the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA), along with the following:

We are at the forefront of packaging and protective solutions. Stay in touch to see what we’re doing next.

Strong Packaging, Steady Gain.

Let's talk about your business goals. We can turn your needs into customized solutions.
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