The Maximum Barrier Solution


Fruits & Vegetables

Our moisture-resistant barrier coating keeps humidity out and keeps your produce fresh.

Dry Goods

Prevent water and grease from damaging your powders, granules, pet food, or detergents with customized barrier solutions.

Meat & Seafood

Easy-release coatings are suitable for fresh or frozen meat and seafood.

FluteSHIELD® & SurfSHIELD® in Action

When a board liner is coated or laminated with specialty resins or films, fiber containers can protect products from outside conditions and from the paper-damaging properties of the packed products themselves.

Ask about our three levels of protection for your specific needs: Regular Cobb, Super Cobb, or Plus.


Water Resistant

FluteSHIELD medium employs innovative, heat-activated chemistry during the corrugating process to render the medium water repellent.

Grease Barrier

SurfSHIELD provides grease-resistant coatings for corrugated structures with three levels of 3M Kit protection available.

Food Safe

Our unique corrugated medium is FDA- and CFIA-compliant for direct food contact.

100% Recyclable & Repulpable

FluteSHIELD paper cartons are fully recyclable, unlike wax-coated produce boxes. 

Keep exploring the protective benefits of FluteSHIELD & SurfSHIELD.

Strong Packaging, Steady Gain.

Let's talk about your business goals. We can turn your needs into customized solutions.
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