FluteSHIELD® corrugated medium

Used in concert with SurfSHIELD® paper coating, FluteSHIELD offers a complete wax replacement solution.

Growers and retailers dislike wax-coated boxes because they can be messy, are expensive to dispose of and nearly impossible to recycle. Our FluteSHIELD-SurfSHIELD solution offers true wax replacement and is 100% recyclable and repulpable. FluteSHIELD medium and SurfSHIELD water-based paperboard coatings help your boxes maintain their strength in humid and moist environments during storage and transport.

FluteSHIELD corrugated medium is a perfect water resistant coating for produce packaging.

Together, FluteSHIELD and SurfSHIELD high performance wax replacement solutions create paper cartons that are water resistant throughout.

About FluteSHIELD

FluteSHIELD medium employs innovative, heat-activated chemistry during the corrugating process to render the medium water repellant. This real medium—either semichem or recycled—will run at desired corrugator speeds, and converters love that the trim is repulpable.

Boxes treated with our unique FluteSHIELD and SurfSHIELD wax replacement coatings are FDA- and CFIA-compliant for direct food contact.

Ask about our three levels of protection for your specific need: Regular Cobb, Super Cobb, or Plus.

Used in concert with SurfSHIELD, FluteSHIELD corrugated medium creates a wax-free, water-resistant barrier throughout your paper packaging.

FluteSHIELD and SurfSHIELD solutions in action

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