FlexSHIELD™ paperboard barrier coating

A fully compostable lining that performs like poly

FlexSHIELD is a new aqueous-based barrier coating designed for use in folding carton applications, where scoring and folding often create major challenges. FlexSHIELD is the first fully compostable product that provides polyethylene-like protection at an economical price point.

Boxes treated with FlexSHIELD are FDA, CFIA and EUR compliant for direct food contact.

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FlexSHIELD provides barrier properties to paperboard containers

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Q: On what kinds of substrates can FlexSHIELD be applied?
A: FlexSHIELD can be applied on various paper substrates, including liners, cardboard, chipboard, SBS, etc. There is no basis weight limitation.

Q: Is there a difference in stiffness between FlexSHIELD and Polyethylene coated board?
A: There is no significant difference in stiffness between FlexSHIELD and Polyethylene coated board.

Q: Describe the finished appearance of FlexSHIELD.
A: FlexSHIELD has an appearance slightly different than Polyethylene. It is less glossy and does not have an appearance of plastic. Additionally, FlexSHIELD is able to be shaded or tinted.

Q: Is FlexSHIELD currently heat-sealable?
A: Yes.

Q: Is FlexSHIELD certified compliant for direct food contact?
A: Yes. FlexSHIELD is FDA and Canadian Health & Welfare compliant for direct food contact.

Q: Are boxes coated with FlexSHIELD microwaveable?
A: Yes. FlexSHIELD is microwavable compliant with dry, aqueous, and fatty foods.

Q: Is FlexSHIELD compostable?
A: Yes. FlexSHIELD has been certified as compostable by BNQ (Bureau de normalisation du Québec) - certificate #2448 - and TÜV AUSTRIA.

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What makes FlexSHIELD superior?

Corn-based resins like PLA are expensive and may contain unwanted GMOs, while polyethylene coatings are not recyclable or compostable.

FlexSHIELD is the only product on the market that performs like polyethylene and is fully compostable, recyclable, and repulpable. FlexSHIELD won’t crack in scores and folds and offers a performance barrier, preventing leakage of liquid in to-go containers. Customers will have a better experience, avoiding stains and spills, and they’ll appreciate that FlexSHIELD is certified compostable by BNQ using ASTM certification methods, proving it meets the toughest international standards of environmental excellence.

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